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Youth Work

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Youth work is a top priority within the New Apostolic Church. This work breaks down into the areas of pastoral care, community activities and leisure.

Pastoral Care

A youth officer is available in the local congregations as a direct contact person for young people to talk to. Youth officers answer questions relating to faith, help them with their decisions and accompany young people on a substantial section of their life journey. They also organise regular youth evenings, which are planned in accordance with the needs and requirements of the young members of the community. Monthly youth services in the parish also offer the opportunity of experiencing God together with people of one’s own age.

The regional church organises a youth conference once a year, at a centrally located venue. The main event in the morning is the youth service celebrated by the District Apostle. The festive event in the afternoon is mainly organised by the young people themselves.

Community Activities

Young members of the church community can get involved with the planning of parish festivals and Christmas celebrations, help with charity campaigns and local projects of the congregation or the municipality, or they can contribute to information events, concerts and open days.

Depending on local needs, young people can also get involved in providing support for elderly persons and persons in need of help, both within the church community and outside it.


Communal excursions, sporting activities and choir and orchestra workshops complete the picture of opportunities available to young people.