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Pastoral Care

Persönliche Zuwendung

All members of the New Apostolic Church are entitled to individual pastoral care and support. This includes personal discussion about questions of life and faith, as well as support in special life situations. Sick people and the elderly are regularly visited in hospitals and old people’s homes by their pastors.

Apart from divine services, there are a number of other services offered by the church, varying according to the different needs of local congregations. Catering to the needs of children, young people and senior citizens is a principal focus of church activities.

As was the case in the primitive Christian church, the pastors do not have a degree in theology. Alongside their responsibilities in their families, jobs and in society, they generally carry out their pastoral duties on a voluntary basis. All functionaries of the church are subject to a duty of pastoral confidentiality. This obligation of confidentiality remains even after they have laid down their office.

Charitable and social work is an area of increasing importance. This work is for the most part carried on by the NAK-Karitativ organisation [New Apostolic Church Relief Agency].