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Senior Citizens

Gottesdienst für Senioren in Kleinostheim

Senior citizens of the New Apostolic Church are actively and completely integrated with the life of the congregation. In addition, church functionaries who have retired from professional life support the responsible pastors of the congregation in looking after sick members of the community.

Seniorenausflug in den Spreewald
Picture source: Verlag Friedrich Bischoff [Friedrich Bischoff Publishers]

Senior citizens meet regularly in the local congregation and at district level, to foster the sense of community and exchange ideas. In many congregations, a senior citizens officer is available as a person to talk to.
Excursions and other activities organised by the church bring a bit of variety to the lives of the older generation.
Senior citizens’ services take place regularly, accompanied by a senor citizens’ choir.

Support at Home and in Old People’s Homes / Care Homes

Older members of the congregation are given particular attention in connection with their specific problems, and measures are taken to strengthen their faith. If as a result of the infirmity of age you are no longer able to attend divine service, the pastor responsible for looking after you will visit you regularly at home, or at your old people’s home / care home, and hold a short service that includes the celebration of the Holy Lord’s Supper. At some of these institutions, when the facilities are available, a full-scale divine service may also be performed. Other residents of the home are then warmly invited to attend.  

Pastors of the New Apostolic Church are also concerned to give comfort, strength and peace to persons who are very sick or dying, and to be on hand to offer support to their family and friends.