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The Sacraments of the New Apostolic Church

Sacraments are sacred actions. In Holy Scripture, one of the statements referring to this tells us: ‘For... there are three that bear witness... the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.’ (1 John 5, 7-8).

The New Apostolic Church administers three sacraments: Holy Sealing, Holy Baptism by Water and the Holy Lord’s Supper. The sacraments can be received by all, irrespective of age, origin or sex.

Holy Baptism by Water

Heilige Wassertaufe
Picture source: Verlag Friedrich Bischoff [Friedrich Bischoff Publishers]

The sacrament of Holy Baptism by Water is the first and fundamental communication of the grace of the triune God to human beings. Holy Baptism by Water washes away original sin. As a result the baptised person receives a share in the merits of Christ and is brought for the first time into a close relationship with God. He/she becomes a Christian, and so is adopted into the community of those who believe in Christ and confess him as Lord.

Children too can receive the sacrament of Holy Baptism by Water. When children are baptised, their parents confess their faith in the Gospel. This practice is based on the realisation that children must not be excluded from the blessings of God, because they too are in need of the grace of the Lord.

The baptism administered in other Christian churches is acknowledged as being valid, provided that it is administered in due form, in the name of the triune God and with water.

The Holy Lord’s Supper

The Holy Lord’s Supper is a celebratory rite of joy and thanksgiving. It recalls the sacrificial death of the Son of God, who in spite of his own sinlessness allowed himself to be crucified for the sins of humanity. The Holy Lord’s Supper gives the soul the certainty of remaining in living communion with its Redeemer Jesus Christ. The ‘flesh and blood’ of Jesus are administered as bread and wine in the form of a host.
By receiving it in faith, the believer absorbs the essence of Jesus into himself or herself, and receives new strength so as to overcome everything which could be a hindrance to the eternal salvation of the soul.

Holy Sealing

De Heilige Verzegeling

The sacrament of Holy Sealing is the communication of the Holy Spirit. In this rite the believer is filled with the Holy Spirit as divine power. This is brought about by prayer and the laying on of hands by an apostle. Holy Sealing cannot be received unless baptism by water has already been performed. The two sacraments, Holy Baptism by Water and Holy Sealing, together amount to rebirth from water and the Spirit. The person who is reborn is a member in the body of Christ and becomes the inheritor of future glory. 
The sacrament is performed on both children and adults.