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The Foundations of Faith

In common parlance, faith is a certainty based on feeling, not determined by proofs or facts. This applies by analogy to Christian faith as well. The foundation of Christian faith is the Bible. This is characterised by a trusting recourse on the part of human beings to the triune God, in order to accept his grace and receive eternal salvation. 

By faith, human beings can find the path to God. At the start of this path we always find God, who reveals himself through words and works. On the basis of this revelation human beings can come to the realisation that God exists. 

Through faith in Jesus Christ and the sacrifice offered by him it is possible to be reconciled with God and to obtain eternal life in the Kingdom of God that is to come, in direct communion with him.

Believing in Jesus Christ means believing in his words and his teachings, the Gospel. New Apostolic Christians believe in the testimony of the Holy Spirit, according to which the deeds and words of the Son of God have outstanding significance. An inseparable part of faith in Jesus Christ is the acceptance in faith of those he has sent to us: the apostles, and office holders appointed by them. We give credence to the Word that has been preached by them and made effective by the Holy Spirit.

The content of the faith of the New Apostolic Church is derived from the Creed or Confession of Faith, consisting in ten articles of faith. The latter are essentially derived from important statements by the Son of God and the first Christian apostles. In keeping with the early Christian creeds, these are concerned with belief in

  • God the Father, the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth;
  • Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, our Lord;
  • the Holy Spirit, a holy Apostolic Church, the communion of the saints, forgiveness of sins, resurrection of the dead and eternal life.

The fourth and fifth articles of faith are concerned with the fact that the Lord Jesus directs his church through living apostles until he comes again. In addition, this is connected with the apostolic mandate which Jesus Christ gave to his apostles.

Articles of faith six to eight are concerned with the three sacraments: Holy Baptism by Water, Holy Sealing and the Holy Lord’s Supper. The ninth article of faith refers to the Second Coming of Christ, and the associated transformation and Rapture of the faithful to God, the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom of Peace and the Last Judgment after the end of the Kingdom of Peace. The tenth article of faith defines the position of the New Apostolic Church in relation to existing legal frameworks. New Apostolic Christians are obliged to give obedience to worldly sovereign authorities, so far as this is not in contradiction with divine laws.